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****Once purchased, you will be emailed a customization form for your specific selections of colors, style, etc.****


Viking Runes: 

  • Viking Runes are runes are the traditional alphabet that are used to represent the concepts after which they are named in reads. 


What You Get:

  • 1x full set of custom made runes 
  • 1x interpretation “cheat sheet” to help beginners learn the symbol meanings 
  • 1x matching  custom made container


Important Information: 

  • The Runes and Containers are made of Epoxy Resin and are made to order, meaning that the minimum time for your order to be shipped out is 72 hours as the resin will need time to fully cure and be hand painted. 
  • Depending on the number of orders I have at one time, fulfillment can take up to a few weeks. If you need a rush order for a gift, then please let me know at and I can see what I can do.
  • The colors you select will be used for BOTH the runes and the coffin container so they will be a matching set.

Custom Coffin Runes - With Container

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