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Hi Creeps!

I’m Emma (she/her), a 25 year old part-time artist who works a full time day job at a wonderful non-profit.

I took the leap in early 2022 to start my own business and invest in myself to pursue my passion. I am so grateful for all the support I have received since starting this business and a special shout out to my amazing husband who puts up with all my insanity. 

I was raised to have a love of all things spooky in my household and as I got older I developed my kawaii gothic art style. 

I love combining scary and cute together and I hope to eventually move to doing art full-time. I hope you enjoy my creations! 

Stay weird my friends!


Meet Luna-Tik


Feel loved and hated at the same time by our adorable hateful queen, Luna-Tik. 
She’s a two legged spirit who as her name implies is a bit of a lunatic, but she’s our Luna-Tik and we love her. 
Keep an eye out for her notes as she wrote them special for you!  

Supporting Other Artists


Supporting small businesses and artists is extremely important and we hope everyone can do what they can to support others. Even if nothing in our shop interests you, we strongly encourage you to check out our Instagram stories (@lunabugkitart) as we frequently share and promote other small businesses who have amazing products.

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