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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do pre-order items work?
    Pre-orders will be open for a set period of time before the product is open so I can guarantee a minimum will be sold before paying to have a large quantity made. It also helps me get a sense for what stickers/pins will actually sell so I can order larger quantities if needed. When production begins for the items will be included in the description of the item. NOTE: Pre order pricing has a little discount as a thank you from me since there is a little wait time. I highly recommend taking advantage of the discount :)
  • What does a custom order include?
    The custom order forms are very open ended so I can get a sense of what you want. There is a wide range of things I can accommodate, but a few examples include – custom jewelry (size, color selection), custom portraits, or original illustrations. Once the form is submitted, I can then get in contact with you to get a clear idea of your vision and discuss pricing.
  • The item I want is sold out!
    We try to keep all our items in stock, but for various reasons (supply, number of orders, etc.). I highly recommend following us on Instagram or sign up for our newsletter so you can be notified of when we get items back in stock.
  • Wait times for orders.
    Many of our items are made to order so please be patient as we work to get it filled. If you need an order ASAP please contact us and we will see what we can do to get it to you as soon as we can.
  • My request was not accepted?!
    Please note, there is no guarantee a custom request will be accepted depending on demand and if the commission can be executed well. It is VERY important for me to put out only the best work I can, so if I do not feel my style or abilities can produce a great product then I may pass on the project.
  • Custom Request pricing.
    All custom requests are unique so the price can vary greatly. If your request is accepted then you will be contacted to get specific details to help get a price and time frame of delivery established. A custom listing will be added to the website for your purchase. Once payment is received then the creation for the request will begin.
  • What are Pin Grades?
    Pin Grades are a ranking system that indicate and imperfections a product may have. While a Grade B or C product might not be perfect to someone who wants a pristine collection, having a small flaw and buying the pin at a lower price is a great deal for those who will not be staring that the pins under a magnified glass. Grade options (Note, enamel pins are handmade products, so flaws and imperfections are expected. I grade each pin individually to ensure quality): Grade A: Perfect pins with no flaws visible to the human eye Grade B: A little less than perfect but still look good Grade C: Have a larger imperfection that is visible to the human eye
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